Dorie E. Heyer

MFA Candidate
Maryland Institute College of Art
Photographic and Electronic Media
My work centers around the human experience and how social interactions, trauma, and societal expectations impact the landscape we create as a society, real or imagined. Rooted in documentary storytelling, my aim is to create a narrative, utilizing still photography and moving image, that highlights aspects of our lives that shape our worldview, as well as create our sense of self. Working primarily in the digital realm, I use the speed and ease of access that digital photography and cinematography offer to capture fleeting moments that provide a cross-section of a world, experience, or lifestyle, that might be foreign or misunderstood. 

    “Digital film is so beautiful. It’s lightweight, modern, and it’s only getting better.” David  Lynch

Photojournalistic in design, my work offers a glimpse into a foreign landscape in an attempt to generate discussion, understanding, and critical thought with the idea that exposure to a broader diversity of experiences will enrich our own. Much in the same way that photography can “annihilate” time and space, I feel that discussion has the power to dismantle cultural, political, and racial divides as well as diminish the efficacy that bias holds in our interactions and decisions.
The Yorktowne